Personalized Jewellery by Susan

Frequently Asked Questions

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Hand Engraving

What are the hand engraved products made from?

Can I get a discount if I order a certain amount of products?

How long does production take?

Can I order one product with another product's design?

Can you use a specific font on the product I ordered?

Can you engrave symbols?

Can you custom design something for me?

Can you engrave one of my own items for me?

How do I send you the photo(s) I want on my keyring?

Where are you based?

Name Pendants

What are the name pendants made from?

How long does production take?

My order contains 6 items, but I did not qualify for a free 6th item. Why?


Can I pay on delivery?

What is PayFast and is it safe to use?

I do not make use of online banking. Can I make a cash deposit into your bank account?


How long does delivery take?

Will the parcel be delivered to my home/work address?

Can you let me know on which date and at which time my parcel will be delivered?


I have not received an invoice after I submitted my order. Can you help?

Can I make changes to my order after I've made payment?

Can I send my order through email?

Do you accept rush orders?